With my international design and travel experience, I know how important it is for my guests to feel at home when they are traveling. I have never been a "tourist" and I don't want my guests to feel like tourists. The success of a Bed and Breakfast/Country Inn is when guests meet and enjoy the local knowledge and experiences of the resident owner (or at times, appointed local manager). When in London and New York, I stay at affiliates of my Toronto Club and never feel like an outsider. The staff know and greet me by name and privacy is ensured or one can easily strike up a conversation with a fellow club member and receive recommendations for new restaurants and cultural events. This is how I operate my B&B. If we recommend a restaurant, winery or a show, it's because we've dined there, enjoyed wines there or seen the show. I most likely know the owner, staff or some of the actors or directors as well. My previous venture, The Grange at Stag Hollow, was likened to a small private hotel by many of our repeat guests. I have enjoyed cooking and baking for friends and clients around the world and I once taught professional nutrition and cooking classes. A graduate degree in Fine Art and Classics is the basis of my appreciation for both modern art and antiques. My work has appeared in major galleries and I have advised auction houses and dealers in antiques internationally.


Bibi is fluent in both English and French and is currently involved with the hospitality industry and enjoys travel between Canada, the US and Europe.