Old Ivy Walk1 Hallway Staircase2 Rear Hallway Floral Arrangement3 Staircase and Landing4 Lady Richards King Room5 Comte de Puisaye Queen Room6 Sir William King or Twin Room7 General Prideaux Queen Room8 Breakfast Room Table for 29 Breakfast Room Table for 410 Breakfast Room11 Kitchen view from Breakfast Room12 Breakfast Room View from Kitchen13 Old Ivy Walk in Spring14 Regent and the Victoria15 Carriage House16 Carriage House at Night17 Cupola18 Apothecary19 Front Door20 Selena and Regent21 Selena and Regent in Courtyard22 The Rear Garden23 Holidays at Old Ivy Walk24 Edible Christmas Decorations25 Kitchen Counters at Christmas26 Detail of our Christmas Tree with Vintage Ornaments27 Historic Fife and Drum Band Passing By28 Parade Passing by Old Ivy Walk29 WWI Cavalry Parade Passing By30 Welcome to Old Ivy Walk31