Old Ivy Walk COVID-19 Action Plan

The Ontario provincial government has provided “COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidance for Tourism and Hospitality Sector” re-opening guidelines.

Our guests and their health and safety are our primary concern. Old Ivy Walk is a fully licensed Bed & Breakfast Country Inn, licensed by the Town of NOTL and we undergo Fire and Bylaw safety inspections every two years and our facilities have been inspected by Ontario Health pursuant to receiving our license.

As of July 16, 2020 Niagara-on-the-Lake Town Council has instigated a MANDATORY FACE MASK BY-LAW for anyone entering a shop, establishment, museum, etc.

We are a staff of 4 but only one or two are ever in the B&B at any one time and we must practice social distancing. NOTL bylaws state that a staff member must be present in the B&B during the night whenever guests are staying. Our regular guests know that Philip, has taught courses in nutrition, safe food handling and cooking. George and Simone have successfully trained and passed the Ontario government “Smart Serve Ontario” programme regarding safe food and beverage practise. Monique has worked in the Hospitality industry for the past 12 years. All four of us are fully cognizant of the current government guidelines for safe guest room and common area cleaning and sanitizing. All staff monitor their temperatures daily and guests can also request temperature readings.

Guests will receive arrival details before their visit. There is ample parking behind the main house. Guests then walk around to the front door and tap in a 4 digit code which will have been supplied before arrival and which unlocks the front door. On entering, Guests will see trays where they can safely remove and place their outside footwear, hand sanitizer for their use and then proceed with their shoe tray to their guest room. Each guest room also has hand sanitizer pumps. We are not permitted by Provincial Guidelines to offer room service for guests staying two nights. However, trash removal and requests for items will be seen to through texting or cell calls. Guests staying for extended periods will be able to request room service at a time determined by them but will have to vacate their room while it is being serviced. All linens are removed from guest rooms when guests leave. The room is then sprayed with a sanitizing aerosol spray and left for an hour. All surfaces are next wiped down with sanitizers and fabrics are steamed.

We are NOT permitted by the Provincial Guidelines to serve breakfast in the Breakfast room. We will be offering a full continental breakfast with daily variations on fruit juice, fruit, yogurt, croissants or breakfast biscuits, assorted cold cuts or cheese and hard boiled eggs. This is the breakfast staple of most Hotels, Inns and Pensione throughout Europe. Milk and cream will be placed in the personal refrigerators in your room. Each morning a Breakfast Hamper will be placed outside your room with everything you will need to enjoy your breakfast in room and at a time of your liking. There is a sanitized Keurig coffee/tea machine in each room but a fresh insulated Carafe of Coffee will accompany your Breakfast Hamper. On nice days, guests are welcome to take their Breakfast Hamper into the garden if they wish, or walk down to the Lake or enjoy in Lord Simcoe Park. Given our extensive garden area, chairs and tables are safely distanced to accommodate two or more guests traveling together and with wide distancing for non related guests. Each guest room has two comfortable, upholstered arm chairs for those wishing to remain inside.
(For guests forming a “bubble” and traveling together with friends or family and occupying 3 or 4 guest-rooms, other breakfast arrangements can be discussed beforehand for your “bubble”.)

We miss you all. We take your safety and well being very seriously. We look forward to your visit. Lots of alcohol will be provided ... rubbing, that is, to sanitize your hands.

Our very best regards and thanks,

Monique, Simone, George and Philip