Breakfast in a Box

Enjoy in your Room

In the Graden

Take down to the Lake

Or on the Go

Each morning your Hot Breakfast will be placed outside your room in a portable Hamper for you to enjoy at the place and time of your choosing. Enjoy it in the Garden in Summer or by the fireplace in your room in Winter … or take it with you.
For guests staying multiple nights, freshly baked pastries and fruit selections will vary as will the breakfast entrée.
Shown above are our own crustless mini Quiches with green onion and cherry tomatoes accompanied by pineapple and ham Kabobs.
A thermal carafe of hot Coffee will also be provided or a carafe of boiled Water with a teapot and tea bags for our tea lovers.
Disposable cardboard cups with lids are included in the hamper for guests who would like to enjoy breakfast outside.