Please note: On Weekday Mornings during the Winter Months, a Wholesome Continental Breakfast is provided for you in your room to enjoy at your leisure by your fireplace. The Breakfast Room is closed except for Saturday and Sunday mornings. Your Continental Breakfast will be placed in your in-room refrigerator consisting of:

Assorted baked pastries such as Muffins & Croissants with butter and jam


Yogurt and fruit




Milk or cream for your in-room tea and coffee service

A tray with dishes and cutlery plus linen napkins will also be placed in your room. Our repeat guests have told us that during weekdays they appreciate the luxury of breakfast in their rooms on wintry mornings as it allows them time to relax and enjoy breakfast by the fire and to choose their own time to start their day.

The Breakfast room will re-open seven mornings a week commencing with our high season in mid-May through to mid-November.

The Breakfast Room is at the front of the house which sits high on the ivy wall. Horse drawn carriages and the occasional parade happen by. Enjoy soft jazz or classical music from our own music library, crisp cotton napkins with fine tableware, and an open fire on cool mornings.

On registering, you will be asked if you have any food allergies or dislikes. We are very aware of the importance of special dietary requirements to our guests.

There is a Keurig coffee pot in your room and you can enjoy morning tea and coffee as early as you wish. (Sometimes guests enjoy an early walk and coffee at Starbucks or Balzac just around the corner - but be back in time for breakfast!)

Breakfast is served at 9:00 a.m. sharp.
I enjoy baking and cooking and I ask my guests to be punctual.

We feature fresh local produce in season and whenever possible:

eggs from a neighbouring farm


fruit freshly picked in our many local orchards


asparagus or tomatoes picked that morning or the day before

Breakfast begins with fresh fruit, yogurt and muesli. Or perhaps a morning salad of citrus fruit dressed with grated onion, honey and celery seed or a salad of watermelon and cucumber with lime and cilantro sorbet.

Freshly baked bread or croissants accompany the main course each morning.

The main course consists of a hot entrée prepared each morning such as:

Eggs in the Basket


A Country Omelet with fresh tomatoes or asparagus


Quiche Lorraine


Perogis stuffed with cheese and served with crisp bacon and sour cream with green onion


Mushroom stuffed Crepes

Sometimes I bake savoury muffins with gruyèe cheese and bacon instead of a sweet pastry and serve these with the entrée or main course.